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Adding Members in Bulk CSV Upload
Adding Members in Bulk CSV Upload

Get your whole organization on boarded with their appropriate team and admin permissions in minutes.

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Step 1. Click on the Add new member button on the top menu bar of the TeamsID Web Dashboard.

Step 2. Click on the link Add multiple members using csv and upload your csv.

Note: Click on the Download Sample link to correctly format your csv.

Step 3. A popup in the bottom right-hand corner will show if the import is successful.

Step 4. Have the invited users check for an email invitation with the subject line, Invitation: Please Activate Your TeamsID Account.  They need to click the Accept Invitation link.

Note: Organization Admins can also check on Pending Invites.
Go to the Organization Settings, click on Members tab.

Congratulations! You have just added members in bulk to your TeamsID Organization.

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