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How to efficiently find your TeamsID tab
How to efficiently find your TeamsID tab

Quickly and efficiently access the TeamsID browser tab

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Sometimes our users struggle to find their TeamsID tab among the plethora of tabs they have open.

If you haven't done so, download and pin the Chrome Extension:

Here are three ways to find your TeamsID tab quickly.

1: Search your tabs

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows or Cmd+Shift+A on Mac, or click the V to the left of the minimize button on your browser

  • Type "TeamsID"

  • Hit Enter or click the appropriate search result

2: Pin tabs

  • Right-click on TeamsID tab.

  • Click Pin

This anchors the tab on the far left for easy access

3: Use tab grouping

  • Right-click a tab and hover over "Add tab to group".

  • Click "New Group". Name the group.

  • Add more tabs to this group by dragging them near this one, or simply right-click and add to the group you created.

This allows you to collapse and expand related tabs under a single color-coded, named tab. It makes a big difference in staying organized.

To save all those tab groups you created so they're ready for start-of-day tomorrow:

Bonus Tip (what our team does):

If you use many of the same tabs every day, take advantage of a new Chrome feature!

  • Settings

  • On Startup

  • Continue where you left off

This also restores all those tab groups you created.

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