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Installing the TeamsID Google App
Installing the TeamsID Google App

Access TeamsID from the G-Suite dashboard.

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If you’re a Google Apps for Work admin for your organization, you’ll now find TeamsID in the Google Apps Marketplace. If your company is already using Google Apps, your Google Apps admin can roll out TeamsID as they would any of the other Google App in the Marketplace. Once installed, the TeamsID icon will be visible to everyone in your company’s Google Apps universal navigation bar, so TeamsID is just a click away.

TeamsID installation instructions on Google Apps Marketplace:

Step 1: While logged in to a Google Apps for Work admin account (this is required), go to TeamsID in the Google Apps Marketplace

Step 2: Click on ‘Install App’

Step 3: Agree to grant TeamsID permission to access your organization’s user list and agree to terms of service

Step 4: Go through the installation steps. Once TeamsID is installed, you will see an option to ‘Manage’ TeamsID Google App. Click on it and ‘Launch app’.

Step 5: Now, follow the steps to setup your account with teams and members.

Step 6: Since you have integrated fully with the Google Apps for Work Marketplace app, you will notice that the Invite member dialog pre-populates and presents you with list of members in your organization. Please note: In the drop-down list of members, you will only see those members who are not yet invited to TeamsID. Those who have already been invited or are in a pending state will show in the regular list of members. See how to on-board members. Once you invite a member, an invitation email is sent with a link to join your organization. This step is important.

Step 7: When a member receives an invite, they must join your organization with the link provided in the email. Launching the TeamsID app from the launcher before clicking on the invitation link will not work. Once they join your organization, they can login anytime into the TeamsID app from the Google Apps universal navigation bar.

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