TeamsID is a product of SplashData, a company that has a well-established track record of delivering password management and security solutions to millions of individual and thousands of business customers since 2000.

Our infrastructure and security team includes people who’ve played lead roles in designing, building, and operating highly secure Internet facing systems. However, our long experience has taught us that maintaining security is an ongoing process and that no one organization can hope to be the best at all aspects of security.

So we work closely with the best partners available — like Rackspace for hosting and Stripe for payments — that focus exclusively on maintaining leadership in their particular areas of security expertise. Most importantly, we respect your privacy and the security of your records.

Everything we do at TeamsID is built around that respect and designed to maintain your privacy and security. We would never do anything with your data that we wouldn’t be proud to tell the world about. You can read more about TeamsID security here.

If you'd like to learn more about TeamsID's security infrastructure, please check out our Security Whitepaper.

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