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Can my password be reset?
Can my password be reset?

Forgotten TeamsID Password

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Yes, your password can be reset but you will LOSE ALL PRIVATE RECORDS when your account password is reset. Only the Organization Admin can initiate a password reset from the Organization Settings. Users can request a password reset from the login page:

If a user forgets their individual TeamsID password, the user’s Organization Admin can reset the password to re-enable access to shared Organization Records. That user will lose all personal records inside their My Records folder. Shared records will not be affected.

After the password reset is initiated by an organization admin, the user will receive an email that contains the link that they can use to finish resetting their password:

Before clicking on the Reset password link:
Please make sure that you are completely logged out of all instances of TeamsID by going to:

Click on the Reset password link, then follow the instructions on the screen.

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