Import Records from Meldium

Are you switching over from Meldium? Don't worry, a quick import will have your organization on-boarded in minutes.

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Before you import your records from Meldium, make sure you've created your teams in TeamsID. That way, when you import your records, those records will be mapped to their respective teams.

After you've created your teams, you're ready to edit your exported Meldium CSV file. Use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to edit the CSV files easily.

Step 1. Do not change the existing column headers in your exported Meldium CSV file.

Step 2. Add extra columns at the end if you'd like the records to be assigned to teams. These columns will need some unique name in the header, you can follow our example with Team0, Team1, Team2, etc.  In these columns you'll add the names of the teams you'd like the record to be added to. Make sure these names match the team names you created in TeamsID. If you do not want to assign a record to a team, leave the columns blank.

After you've saved your updated your Meldium CSV file, you're ready to import your records into TeamsID.

Step 3. Start by clicking on the settings icon next to your organization's logo on the far left column of your TeamsID dashboard. Once clicked, you'll be sent to your Organization Settings. Click on the Export/Import tab.

Step 4. Choose the Import Meldium Records box as shown below and upload your updated Meldium CSV file.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported your Meldium records into your TeamsID organization!

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